Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax!

Happy (relaxing) Friday!

Was looking through some of my old vinyl the other day and what did I come across but my original 12 incher (ahem!) of  Frankie’s Relax …

So…today it’s got to be…

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax!

Released in 1983 (eventually included on the album Welcome to the Pleasure Dome) – banned in 1984 by the BBC it got to No 1 and stayed there for 5 weeks.  If you remember the original video (also banned) had lots of leather, flesh and bits and pieces flying around – if you get my drift ;) so thought I’d better use this pared down video – still – the ‘making me want to get up and dance factor’ is ever present!

Good grief this brings back memories – used to blast it out (with my other ’12 inchers’) on my record player in my bedroom over and over again – must have driven my parents up the wall – sorry Mum and Dad!

Brilliant – still gets everyone up this one (oops sorry slip of the tongue) –  you can’t not want to dance your butt off ….!

What was your favourite Frankie track – hubby says he likes Two Tribes – think mine’s got to be this one -  ’Relax – don’t do it – when you want to go to it – Relax – don’t do it – when you want to … !’ – ok best stop there!  - one thing’s for sure…you can’t beat a good old 12 incher!

Jen x

Top Actress

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