Garden Update

Yesterday we bought more Strawberry plants. We also bought 72 more tomato plants. We got the rest of the back garden tilled. Our potatoes are doing excellent. Our Onions are bouncing back. We planted the rest of the strawberries. We also plant all of our seedlings. We planted the rest of our seeds as well. Alex was upset his blueberries died, so I bought him two new blueberry bushes. We got Misty Blueberries that fruit early. We also got Brigitta Blueberries that fruit late. I also got a Concord Grape Vine. I am sad to say we didn’t get any pictures. By the time we got everything in the ground it had started to rain. The rain hasn’t let up yet. When it finally stops, I’ll be making my daily rounds and I will have the camera in hand. We have finally started to get some little sprouts of green in the flower beds. We also created another flower bed.

Puppy Update!!
We finally received our picture of Faux. We already knew what she looked like. When we went to pick her out I forgot to take pictures. So our breeder has kindly agreed to send us some. She looks like she has doubled in size since the last time we seen her. She will hopefully be coming home the 29th of June. That is 19 more days. We are getting pretty excited. I am not sure how Ivy Marie will act, but I think she will do just fine. She loves to have company. I am very sad to say I will not be sharing this picture with anyone. Only three people besides the breeders have seen here and we would like to keep it that way until we get her. 


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