Hanging out with Martika

On my last evening in Montreal I had 2 full activities to go to. After cooking the pasta with Suz and having dinner with the girls, I continued on to meet Martika.
Martika was the lady I met a few days earlier who was selling the handmade jewelry trinkets along Rue Saint Catherine. I know it was a little bit random to be invited to a local’s house, who I don’t really know, and I guess it was more risky on her part to invite me coz I was a stranger and not from there.
She picked me up at La Salle Train Stations at 6:30 p.m. We got to her place and I met the rest of the family. It was all girls. Her eldest daughter Angie was there taking care of Martika’s first grandson, Jacob. So cute, just 7 months old with those innocent round eyes greeting me. They had me carry him for a while, and he grabbed my necklace thinking it was a toy. So sweet! I also met Martika’s Mom who was a little bit sick but was really welcoming. I think they’re all used to her taking strangers inside the house. I got asked where we met, and of course I didn’t lie, and told them about the other day’s encounter.
Martika prepped up and got Jacob hanging on to her. We found ourselves along the river and doing an evening walk. The breeze was cool. She pointed me out to the rapids and explained that a girl died there a few weeks ago. When I saw the rapids, definitely it was risky to try it there without enough experience. Even the people fishing were required to wear a vest in case the current carries them away.
It was such a relaxing and refreshing evening with her. I felt like I had a mother to talk to. She explained so many things to me, about life, her life and experiences and gave me some advices too. Actually she told me so many times that I reminded her of the days back then when she was a teenager…. wanting to be free and just traveling the world.
She was such an independent lady, strong and determined.. .with so much vigor in life… so much positivity in her heart and mind. I was so glad to meet her.
I promised I’d send her the photos I took of her and Jacob. Upon dropping me off at the Metro, she said goodbye and told me “don’t look back”. It was weird…she was the first person to tell me that….
bUt I think it’s always the case when you meet people in your travels. Some can be just passing by… for the moment in the time when you need it :) A family in a foreign land.

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