Hilary Duff caputred by koolaman designs?

Is Hilary Duff wearing koolaman designs?  According to Mother & Baby & Toddler she is and if you are trying to achieve the same look as her the koolaman designs LIESEL BANGLE would fit right into the look portrayed by Hilary in the latest edition of the Mother & Baby & Toddler magazine.

Hilary is wearing a collection of bangles and bracelets on her wrist and something such as the LIESEL BANGLE or even our MEG and TULLY BRACELETS work so well teamed with other pieces and worn all at once.

The LIESEL BANGLE is not like a standard silver bangle as it has the unusual, yet very appealing flattened side.  This feature is very unique and we believe this is why it is such a popular piece.  People are always commenting on the beauty of the LIESEL BANGLE and we believe it is due to the uniqueness of the piece and the fact people are always searching for  a point of difference.  If you are looking for a bangle with difference then LIESEL is the answer.  This beautiful sterling silver bangle can be personalised by our experienced team.  Our staff use an artisan hand stamping technique, which is centuries old, to add that personal touch making the piece an even more meaningful creation.  Up to 28 characters can be stamped around the flat side of the bangle making it very appealing to those who need lots of space for names, dates or special words.

Stunning Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Liesel Bangle

The LIESEL BANGLE would make such a perfect Mother’s Day present.  There is only four weeks to go until this special day so don’t wait, hop on line and make your order now.


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