Is Hilary Duff Replacing Britney Spears & Joining Demi Lovato On The X Factor USA?

Is Hilary Duff going to be joining the USA X Factor as a judge? The former Disney star has hinted at it! 

Can it work? Two Disney stars from two different Disney Eras?

Hilary gave birth to her first son Luca last year and has spent most of her time since then out of the spotlight, however it looks like the star may be rebuilding her career in the biggest of ways, joining a huge show, with huge talent, and huge celebrities – well how else was she going to do it?

The singer kickstarted her career as an actress on the Disney channel playing Lizzie McGuire, she then started pursuing a singing career which was pretty successful, and even wrote a novel, ‘Elixir’ which has been incredibly popular. Have a look at one of her music videos:

The MailOnline quoted Hilary saying “I’m making some new music and reading scripts. But it’s tough to commit – now that I’m a mom, whatever I work on has to really be worth it!”

Is Hilary just staying coy to make the announcement all exciting and fantastic or is she actually nothing to do with the X Factor whatsoever? And where have I even got any of this do I hear you ask? Is it a load of rubbish? Well, current X Factor judge Demi Lovato recently decided to share some twitter lovin’ and follow the Singer/Actress/Writer:

But of course, there is more.
The singer also decided to RANDOMLY tweet the letter X on May 15th.
All this anticipation for the big reveal is too exciting for any person to actually cope, and bloggers, journalists and writers everywhere have possibly gone mad with anticipation and COULD just be making something out of nothing – OR we’re all on to something. You decide.

Luckily for us all, the X Factor USA judges are expected to be revealed tomorrow – which is good, because i’m not sure I can cope much longer. It’s looking like it’ll be Kelly Rowland and Hilary Duff joining Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell. How exciting.

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