Kayla Ewell, the Vampire Diaries Bad Girl Speak Up

Based upon the books of L.J. Smith, The Vampire Diaries is brought to us by Kevin Williamson of Dawson’s Creek fame and premiered on the CW September 10th and has quickly received a lot of buzz and was the networks highest rated premiere to date. I had the chance to catch up with Kayla Ewell who plays bad girl Vicki Donovan on the set in Georgia. The following interview appears in the current h Monthly from LA which I freelance with.

Explaining she’s a new fan of Atlanta, she took a few minutes to chat about her character on the show and what it’s like to work with Kevin Williamson.

The show is set in high school in the small town of Mystic Falls, tell me about your character:

Vicki is the bad girl, she’s the slutty one–every small town has one. She has no girlfriends, and sleeps with all the men in her life. Each episode, all the sex, all the drugs revolve around Vicki, it’s fun to play the bad girl! The first time I read the script I knew I wanted to play her—its great to go places as an actress that you don’t allow yourself to go personally.

Vicki plays an important role at the end of the first episode, what should we expect to see from her?

There is so much that is going to happen to Vicki, it’s exciting! I got the second script and I was like wow, they really expect a lot from me, it’s great!

As the show progresses you start to see the humanity and feel sorry for her, and pity her. There are so many moments of vulnerability and her family life is explored. She has no girlfriends, I never have scenes with the girls in the cast it’s always with the men! Vicki only knows guys and sleeps with them!

There’s a bit of love-triangle…

Vicki is not a one-man kind of woman. Basically her whole mindset is “what can I get from you?”

Vicki and her brother Matt don’t have a lot of money, and Tyler who Vicki is dating is super-rich, he’s the mayor’s son which is why she’s with him—and it kind of shows the contrast. In one episode his mother says…that’s what happens when you bring the trash to the party—that’s me!

And Jeremy is in love with you…

They are writing a lot for Steven McQueen’s character Jeremy who’s trying so hard to win Vicki over but she isn’t interested. I told him just wait to the show comes out and all the girls will love you!

Vampires are hot right now, how does the show compare from what else is out there?

I think that Twilight is PG rated, True Blood is R, and we’re PG 13. There’s a lot to the show, it’s got romance, action and mystery…and our men are hot! I think 13 year olds will love it and 30 year olds will too!

The biggest surprise each week is the story line…who they decide to turn into a vampire—who they decide to kill is so interesting and shocking. Everybody will think that nobody is safe!

What’s it like to work with Executive Producer Kevin Williamson?

It’s so great to be involved with someone I respect so much, I was nervous when I first met him! I grew up watching Dawson’s Creek and I loved that show, to have the chance to work with him is awesome. He’s a very busy man, he’s writing Scream 4, but we talk to him about everything and know he’s there for us. He takes time out to call each of us, it’s very cool the amount of respect he shows, he always makes time for you and it makes the whole cast feel great about being on the show.

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