I just got into a stupid argument from a little kid.

This morning I woke up, Room1 left to go out. Room2 decided to go to Flint. Well they have a child here that is not mine. I do not know the mother of this child. Room2 decided he was going to leave the child here with me. I freaked out and said NO WAY! I was not going to be responsible for this child. So the child came downstairs and started throwing a ginormous fit that they had to go with Room2. Then they wind up coming back with Room1. 

They walks in the door and I tell Ivy Marie to lay down. We are trying to teach Ivy not to jump on people when they come to the door. Well the child starts getting an attitude, because Ivy isn’t doing anything wrong. I told them that Ivy is my dog so what I say goes. The child started to scream at me. Then went and told Room1 on me. Now they are upstairs talking about how bad of a person I am. Now I will be “talked” to after the child goes downstairs in the basement.
I understand that they are just a child. But they are eleven years old and they act like they are three.  Some people just needs to grow the hell up or get the hell out. I am so tired of dealing with other people’s stupid shit. Some people need to deal with their own problems. If you are busy and can’t watch the stupid things you bring home, then you need to take it back where you got it. I mean if I couldn’t watch my own child or dog I wouldn’t have one

Anyways on a different note. On the 24th of June my little brother Matthew will be leaving for the Marines.  I am worried for him. He has also been a rebel type of dude. I am worried he might mouth off too much and get punished for it.  We are having his going away party on Saturday at my mother’s house. I don’t want my brother to go. He will be heading all the way to California. That is like a million miles away. Ugh. But on a good note, my Older brother Michael will be coming home from the Army for good very soon. Him and his wife will be moving from Kentucky back to Michigan soon. They were supposed to already come home. But we all know how that goes. I can’t wait to see to see him. I haven’t seen him since his daughters first birthday. Which seems like so long ago.

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