Uniform Motion

supply Motion
In this experiment, we will devise a course in which a ball will remain uniform motion (motion with a constant speed). We will instal up encompasss horizontally so that the root for of gravity doesnt increase the balls speed; the initial force of the ball rolling down a ramp onto the track will keep the ball rolling horizontally.
Kinematics is the disunite of classical mechanics that describes the motion of bodies and systems without consideration of the forces that cause the motion. Uniform motion falls under the category of kinematics. If an object is in uniform motion, it will never increase or falloff in speed (minus the loss of speed do to clash and air resistance).
We first obtain a brand ball, wedge, and tracks in order to design the experiment. We set three tracks horizontally along the table with the wedge at unmatched hold on (as seen in the picture below).

Then, with the ball at the top of the wedge, we released the ball. To enroll our speed, we set up timers at the beginning where the ball was dropped, at the start of the second track, and at the start of the third track.

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festinate is recorded by the distance traveled divided by the time it took for an object to go that distance. Each track was 123 centimeters. at one time we had our speeds we can determine if our system is in uniform motion. If the speeds atomic number 18 about the same, (the speeds will be slightly off from one another because of friction) then the system is in uniform motion.

newfangled data and numerical analysis:
After the ball furled down the ramp and through the course for three polar trial, these are the numbers we produced:

Track cadence (sec)TrackTime (sec)TrackTime (sec)
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