Williams Brothers Joker IPA

Williams Brothers Joker IPA
Style: Indian Pale Ale
Alcohol content: 5%
From: Kelliebank, Alloa, Scotland
Purchased from: Direct from the Brewery
I first came across the Joker IPA on my birthday last year. Me and my good friends visited the Pig’s Ear’s in Richmond to have a few craft beers and some amazing food. Upon arrival, i fancied an IPA to quench my thirst. I saw there was an IPA on draft so i decided to try that one. I was completely blown away by this beer when i tried it. So much so, when i got back to the office i decided to order a case directly from the brewery. No joke!

Williams Bros Brewing Company is a Scottish family-owned microbrewery, founded and operated by brothers Bruce and Scot Williams. It is based in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, in central Scotland. Williams Bros started brewing in 1988. Their first ale was inspired by a 17th-century Gaelic recipe for leann fraoich (heather ale). The heather ale is made using sweet gale and heather flowers, and was named Fraoch, after the legendary Gaelic hero Fráech (or Fraoch). The ale was produced in a tiny brewery in Taynuilt railway station, which could make no more than five barrels per batch, just enough to supply five pubs across Scotland. As demand grew, the recipe was taken to the old Maclay’s Brewery in the Scottish brewing town of Alloa. About a month ago i managed to find one of these heather ales so naturally i will review this on my blog.

Colour: Straw yellow with a slight brown hue. You get a nice white head on the pour but this leaves you very quickly.Catch it while you can!
Smell: Get your head right in there to smell this one. This beer gives off lovely Elderflower and Citrus notes. You can also get warm ginger notes and scents of pear. You also get rather piney notes. Its almost like walking though the forest. If this beer is as good as it smells we are in for a treat. 
Body: This beer is light and refreshing. Once drunk, this beer does leave a bit of a sticky feeling in the back of your mouth. Its not unpleasant but it’s a bit weird as you would not associate this style.   
Taste: When i first tried this beer, it was on Cask at the Pig’s Ears. It was served to me quite cold, in fact to cold, as the taste was quite dulled down. After warming the drink in my hands for a while, the magnificent flavors are unlocked. This beer is deeply hoppy on the tongue. On your first sip, you will get the taste of sweet lime without the sour edge. After swallowing this brew, a bitterness really fills your mouth and begs you to drink more to refresh your palate. You also get hints of caramel and biscuits. The bitterness come from the two hop varieties used to make this beer. The hops are Cascade and Boberk. Now Cascade i have heard of but Boberk is a hop that i have yet to encounter. This is a beer that should not be rushed. Savoir every drop. 
OK so i have the joker but wheres the Batman?

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