Wow Some Rain and Some Sun

Concord Grapes

The rain that has occurred looks like it has overwhelmed my garden. We may have lost most of our watermelons and other seedlings that weren’t already in the garden. I feel bad for them and then the sun has been bright and hot all day. It soaked up all their moisture.

The pumpkins are still doing good. The tomatoes plants we bought are doing good. The Strawberries, WOW they shot up. They have doubled maybe tripled in size. The rain and sun has also done wonders for my potatoes. I can’t wait until I can dig them up and cook em. 

Our blueberries and grapes look decent. We are excited about all of our berries. The rest of the plants are still not showing much. But we have to be patient they could take a couple of weeks to show signs of life. 


In the way back we have SUNFLOWERS! They have finally started to pop up. Unfortunately there is only a couple that have sprouted.  I do know that every year my mom and I planted them, they took awhile for all of them to pop up. My front garden looks like it is doing good. There are sprouts popping up everywhere. I hope they are flowers and not just WEEDS!  I couldn’t stay out too long. The mosquitoes are horrible. I got bit right in between my pinky and ring finger. Ugh it Sucks!


Now I will watch horribly scary movies until I have nightmares! Oh Boy!


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