WW108: RASHERS, BEVERLEY KNIGHT & things that look like things

I am not gonna waste any time today! Here are 5 things that I LOVE this week:

1.) Rashers. Bacon is the new meatballs! This new little eatery in Leslieville is delightful for a takeaway nosh!! (If you LOOOVE some bacon, like I love bacon.)

I had the bacon sliders. One was bacon, white cheddar and their special ‘brown sauce’. The other was bacon, brie and beer mayo. HELLO!!! Yummers.
A snippet of the menu!!

I like the “wall of bacon”!

 I will definitely be back for MORE MORE MORE!!!

2.) This is not something I would normally find noteworthy – but I know there are a LOT of pet lovers out there….so this one is for you(s)……you know who you are:

“presenting the ‘pet sweep‘. the professional animal powered debris removal system. this state-of-the-art design is not only entertainment but also forces your furry friend to clean up after themselves. ‘pet sweep’ is made of four mops that slip on to fido’s paws as a pair of ‘dust boots’,
the mop fibres pick up any loose hair that may have willfully escaped the host as the animal moves about a localized area. the product also comes as a ‘pet plow’, ‘pet dustpan’, and of course the ‘pet broom’.”

Thanks to Design Boom for this one!

3.) Things made of other things. Junk Culture had a series of different posts this month that I really thought were interesting…….here are a few:

A bench of MetroCards 

Stephen Shaheen has created a sturdy usable bench made from 5,000 recycled MetroCards and a thin armature of steel. The aptly named “Metrobench” transforms a symbol of movement and speed into an object of rest and reflection. With help from Craigslist, Shaheen gathered all the cards he needed in less than a week and then assembled the bench by hand using various types of glue to hold the MetroCards together.

A gun made of pens.

Alexander Weeks’ “Assault Writer” has crafted a kind of skeleton for the object (out of the foam and wood pieces), which he then completely covered to make it seem like it is made out of the pens themselves. This thought-provoking sculpture questions the role of weapons in our society. Alexander explains, “The irony stemms from Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Through this piece I want to ask: how effective is violence in bringing about change in the world?”
 All these chairs are made of PAPER!!!!!

Vincent Tomczyk creates amazingly detailed replicas of iconic chairs fabricated entirely from paper. Each object is meticulously hand-crafted and all the colors and woodgrain textures are hand-painted without the use of digital printing. “I am interested in how personal chairs can become over time – almost taking on the characteristics of their owners.” Vincent says.

CRAZY, huh? Stuff that looks like other stuff.
Super cool Junk Culture!!

4.) Beverley Knight.

Imagine one part Tina Turner, one part Amy Winehouse, one part Mary J Blige….but that is my take – I will let you decide:

This is her cover of Twist and Shout!!!! YEOWSA!!!

Here is her wiki-description:
She is an English singer, songwriter, and record producer who released her debut album in 1995. Widely labelled as one of Britain’s greatest soul singers! In 2006, Knight solidified her transmission into the mainstream by starring in BBC One music TV show, Just the Two of Us. After releasing a platinum-selling compilation album in 2006, Knight went on to tour the UK with a reformed Take That. She has also hosted four series of the BBC Radio 2 show Beverley’s Gospel Nights, which explores the origins and impact of gospel music.  Knight is an ambassador for many charities such as Christian Aid and has travelled to areas affected by disease and poverty to help raise awareness. She is an active campaigner for anti-Aids organisations such as the Stop AIDS Campaign and The Terrence Higgins Trust and is also a vocal campaigner against homophobic lyrics in urban music. On Saturday 15 August 2009 she performed live at the 4th annual UK Black Pride event in Regents Park.

After more than a decade in the industry, Knight was made an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II in February 2007 in recognition of her charitable work and the contribution she has made to British music. In September 2005, Knight was made an honorary Doctor of Music from the University of Wolverhampton. After receiving a host of awards, including three MOBO Awards, Knight was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004 at the Urban Music Awards in London.
I am enjoying her old (2007 album) music City Sole…
This cover is good too:
Go buy her music at iTunes!!!!!!!!!
(Thanks Cindy for bringing her to my attention)

5.) SNL with Justin this weekend was GREAT! Good for him. This was my favourite skit – these tow ‘former porn stars’ make me laugh every time…..you will HAVE to click on the link to the Global site to see the JT one:


BUT here is (a badly taped) similar skit with Jamie Foxx (but it is funny despite him):

Top Actress

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