Kym Marsh signs three year Corrie contract

Kym Marsh has signed a three year contract to stay on at Coronation Street, says the Daily Star Sunday.  They also report the contract is worth half a million quid.
Our old friend, the ITV “source” told the Daily Star Sunday: “Kym is a very talented actress and singer. The
scriptwriters have come up with some pretty explosive stuff for her and
wanted her signed up for three years so it could all play out. The
majority of the cast are either on six-month or one-year contracts.
They only ever give these types of deals out when they really want to
keep someone. There
are some major storylines coming up for her and people are going to see
a completely different side to Michelle in the months to come.”
If rumours are true, Michelle Connor’s on-screen son Ryan will be returning to Corrie and he sets Sophie Webster on the way to be a junkie.
So, what do you think about three more years of Kym Marsh as Michelle on Corrie?  I took a long time to warm to her on the cobbles, I’ll readily admit. But I’ve grown to admire her character, she’s got a bit of oomph about her in the way that, say, Maria can only ever dream about. And as Michelle is no longer my least favourite character any more as that award goes firmly to St. Ella, I don’t mind her staying on the Street at all.  Kym’s performance as a young Elsie Tanner in the Street of Dreams musical also gets a thumbs up in all the reviews I’ve read of the show.  But never mind me, what do you think?

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