“Reshaping It All” by Candace Cameron Bure

If you were a child of the 90′s, then you knew and loved Candace Cameron Bure as DJ on “Full House”.  Many of us watched her grow up on television and we experienced the ups and downs of life right along with her.  But there is so much more to her than just her role on a television show.  Today she is a busy mother of three, a wife, an actress, and a Christian woman.  

Her faith plays one of the most important roles in her life and has helped her to overcome her struggles, including one of her biggest – food.  Candace experienced something many of us would hate, struggling with weight in front of the entire world.  It took a while for her to fight the unhealthy habits that were keeping her down and she discovered that the freedom she sought would come only through the help of God.  

Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness by Candace Cameron Bure and Darlene Schacht is an honest and complete guide to help you get on track and get you fit in both body and soul.  As Candace helps you identify what is keeping you from your best and ways to change that, she includes her own life story, not just about “Full House” or her struggle with weight, but her entire story.  

Each chapter is set up the same way – starts with a specific topic and ends with “The Pantry: Chocked-Full of Food for Thought.”  In The Pantry she includes the main idea of the chapter, a question from a fan and her answer, ways to apply the chapters lesson and Biblical principles to your life, a motivational quote and a recipe.  I loved the way each chapter ended, summed up nicely and the recipes are quick, easy and healthy.

I picked this book up more because I was interested in learning more about Candace’s faith than wanting to read a book about health and fitness.  But there were so many great ideas and principles that can be applied to every life, not just for people who are trying to lose weight.  I appreciate how open and honest Candace has been about her struggle and I can see how helpful this book is for those dealing with weight loss.  But it goes beyond helping people with just their health.  People with all sorts of struggles will find help here.  At the time I read the book, I was dealing with some personal doubt, a bit of a disconnect, and this book helped me get back on track.

I think it’s great to see weight loss books that put as much importance on spiritual health as well as physical health.  The two go hand in hand and it’s important that we nurture both.  This is a great book for anyone wanting to take that journey and who needs encouragement and motivation.

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