Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure

TITLE:Reshaping It All
AUTHOR: Candace Cameron Bure
DIETY?: somewhat
IE?: somewhat
MY RATING: 4****

Candace Cameron Bure used to play “DJ Tanner” on the television show “Full House“. I watched her on that show for years, growing up, as part of TGIF Fridays. 
So, I was really excited to see that (1) she’d written a book, and (2) she’s a Christian! 
This book is part memoir, and part weight loss advice. Candace tells the story of how she went from suffering from bulimia, to finding freedom through the hunger/fullness method of eating less. She also incorporates exercise (she loves Pilates), and chooses healthier foods when she does eat.
I loved that, throughout the book, Candace has included some of her family’s favorite recipes. They all look like they’ll be really easy to throw together, AND they’ll taste good (turkey tacos, anyone?). She also includes fan mail, along with her answers at the end of each chapter. And, there’s a whole slew of photographs of Candace in the middle of the book. 
I definitely recommend this book! Candace’s words are really motivating and inspirational. And, I’m a huge fan of the hunger/fullness method — it’s what I use myself — so I can’t help but love that she uses it, too!

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