Vampire Knight [Chapter 80]

Originally posted @ on February 22, 2012

Title: Love’s Confession Flashback to the time when Kaname revealed his past through a dream to Yuuki..Ruka was there. She had CARELESSLY heard it clearly, this thing about ‘not leaving a single trace of Pureblood’. It is a reason that until the end, she couldn’t accept. Surprised Ruka asked him what about the one who is in his embrace. Wiping the blood from Yuuki’s face, Kaname said that ‘will become..a hindrance’. Ruka asked if that is okay to say those things to his partner when he obviously cherished her. If that is so, then won’t it be okay if he just straightforwardly let her go without a care while they were in school, and this is quite pitiful [for Yuuki?]. Ruka thought that he, too, has a distinct importance [to her?]. She told him that he is quite cruel for she thought that she can finally be at ease. Looking serious, Ruka proposed that he make her into his accomplice so– End flashback. While Kain is taking Ruka away, Ruka tells him to wait, there is no need to run away and Hanabusa will understand if they talked with him. Kain says that he doesn’t think so, and now, he doesn’t want her to be sad again. Ruka pushes him away and tells him not to treat her like some weak girl. She says that she knows that perhaps she might be of ‘some’ help, and she knows that repeatedly shouldering this serious thing is tiring but she doesn’t want that because of this thing, he’ll worry about her. Kain frowns while Ruka looks at the dorm and feels nostalgic over the Sun Dorm. Kain apologizes over taking [their] time too much. Ruka says that it is alright, it will start soon – making the humans sleep in deep slumber and absolutely not let them go out of the Sun Dorm. She says that at the other side, Kaname-sama will suppress Sara so she can’t allow any slip-ups. While Ruka starts to use her powers, Kain notices that there are people at the side of the building. It is Yori and the others. After trying to recall Ruka, Kageyama points to Ruka and exclaims that he remembers her, Miss Ruka. To his shock, Ruka and Kain don’t remember him. =P While Kageyama weeps, Ruka tells them to go back in the dorm if they won’t want to get involved into some scary stuff. Then, slightly blushing Ruka tells Kageyama that she is happy that he likes her to the point of remembering her again. As Ruka looks away, Kageyama and Yori blush. Ruka tells them to quickly go for the scary vampire might attack people who are awake.

Flashback: Sara told Takuma that there is no other scarier vampire than her, no other vampire who makes others obey her, and having such a rare pure blood. Takuma said that he has been ‘captured’ [/captivated] by this pureblood named Shirabuki Sara. “I’ve always wanted to have you.” There is a scene of Sara looking at young Takuma greeting his grandfather[?] at a party. Then, it seems that Sara is kissing Takuma and Takuma is thinking that those words can be treated as love’s confession. Then, there is another flashback of Yuuki telling Takuma that he likes Kaname. And then, Sara slammed Takuma on the wall and said that it seems that he doesn’t understand. Takuma is then thinking that it is like a jealous confession. Takuma smiled and asked if he is already a hindrance after she got sufficient information about Kaname from him. Sara said that she told him that she wanted to have him, who fearlessly smiles at Kaname’s side. While Takuma thinks of her as a persistent pureblood who doesn’t show any intensity[/expressions?], Sara wanted to become someone who is more intelligent than Rido and Shizuka. Compared to the hypocrite Council of Ancient’s flowery words, opposing her words is a must. [<- I’m not sure about this one ^^;] Takuma wondered what to do, for he heard it as some sort of twisted way of expressing love. He asked her if aside from him, there is no one else. Sara said none. Takuma is very satisfied with that answer, for one of the pureblood that is feared by vampires belongs only to him. Sara said that Takuma thought that it is on his own [free] will, that he is by her side, keeping a close watch over her but he is mistaken because he is a flying moth, and she is the fire. Takuma couldn’t deny it since it is a vampire’s inborn instinct. Without a cure, vampires cannot help but be seduced by purebloods. And perhaps, he is always had been like that [when he clings on to young Kaname]. And, in the end, this is the result, the more he is imprisoned by Sara, he realized that he is also imprisoned by Kaname. End flashback.

Kaname had drawn his hunter’s sword and places it in front of Takuma. Kaname’s left hand had been reduced to bones from holding the sword. Takuma tells Sara to retreat first because Kaname is using a sword for [killing] vampires. Then, Senri and fangirl come in. In the form of bats, Kaname quickly retreats to the window. Hugging Takuma from behind, Sara said that it seems to be very dangerous to keep on staying in this place. While looking surprised, Takuma thinks that it is like iron sand being attracted to magnet. Outside, Ruka, together with Kain, looks up and calls out to Kaname-sama. From the bats, Kaname formed back into human form. And, from behind them, Yuuki, who is carrying Artemis, says that she has found him. Kaname turns to look at her. Back in the Night Dorm, fangirls are going to Sara because they were worried about her. Sara tells Zero that it is too bad that Kaname escaped because he arrived. Just when Zero turns to leave, Sara says that she has a request. That is to help her and these children[/fangirls] to hide from IN the Association. [Thanks for the correction, mariangie and bk1] While Zero glares at her, Senri calls out to Takuma if what Sara said is true. Takuma just mutters Senri’s name and Senri looks tense. Sara tells Zero that she isn’t taking advantage of it [/he’ll get something out of it], she will help him with his revenge. Flashback: After Zero pulled away from Yuuki, Yuuki grabbed his wrist and told him that she will chase after Kaname’s scent, and he go protect Sara..for now. She asked him what he thought of it [that idea], but Zero didn’t answer. Yuuki told him that it is alright, it won’t be like what happened just now, she can properly do it. That guy is also a vampire, and she clearly knows the weakness of a vampire [and] because she isn’t worried about him [Zero]. Zero didn’t react as Yuuki let go of his wrist End flashback. While hugging her fangirls, Sara asks Zero what about it. After thinking, Zero looks at her and holds out his hand. He says, “..okay.”

Scans by 玖玖爱枢♀汉化

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