Vampire Knight [Chapter 83]

Originally posted @ on May 24, 2012

Ruka falls down on Zero who asks, why. Cain
goes to his beloved Ruka. Ruka mutters to Kaname that it is enough,
don’t do this anymore. Towards Kaname, Yuuki repeats what Ruka said. ^^;
Kain throws a fireball at Kaname’s shoulder and angrily says that if
Ruka won’t be angry at him being like this, well, he isn’t the same.
Just when Kain is about to roast Kaname, Ruka stops him by saying that
it is her fault for she did it on her own initiative. Cain forgets about
Kaname and goes to assist his beloved Ruka again. Kaname tells Ruka
that she had betrayed him by protecting Zero so things[/relationship]
with her will also be only up to this point. Ruka accepts Kaname’s
decision. Kaname tells Yuuki to go and look over Ruka but Yuuki is more
interested in attempting to chop Kaname up. Posing Artemis at Kaname,
she asks up to what degree does Kaname want to realize ‘her [his beloved
=P] will’ and whatever it is, he shouldn’t be doing this kind of thing.
Kaname asks her what she plans to do with him after capturing him like
this. While Yuuki is thinking of her answer, the hunters attack with a
chain net with hopes of capturing Kaname. Kaname pushes Yuuki to safety
and she just watch as the net fell on Kaname. She holds his severed
skeleton hand and wonders why he protected her. The hand vanish for
Kaname has turned his body into bats, it seems. While the hunters are
running after Kaname, Yuuki snaps out of it after hearing Kain calling
for his beloved. Yuuki runs to them and asks Ruka if she is alright.
Kain tells her that Ruka won’t stop bleeding because of the weapon so
Yuuki offers her blood which Ruka accepts. [To make Ruka realize his
feelings for her], Kain sucks Yuuki’s blood and use his mouth in giving
the blood to Ruka. =P

In the dungeon with Sara, Takuma comments that Kaname isn’t going to
delay things. Sara says of course, because if she is in Kaname’s
position, she also thinks that she is a hindrance. Fangirls are worried
so Sara assures them that it is alright, she won’t let Kaname lay a hand
on them and Zero will get rid of him. She kisses her little darlings
and says that it is good that there is a thing that will protect
[her/them]. Takama says that she is a cruel woman for giving blood to
Zero. Sara asks if he is referring to giving mercy and power to a
pathetic hungry one or, harnessing Zero with reins to make him listen to
her. Takuma tells her that he is saying that he is jealous. Sara calls
him pathetic for he is also ‘reined’ but he mistakes it as ‘bonds’. She
asks him what she can get in exchange of satisfying his possessiveness.
Takuma offers to give her something she can’t have during the time of
the Council of Ancients. She comments that he is also controlled by his
vampire instincts. Back to Yuuki, she decides to leave Ruka who’ll be in
good hands with Kain. Zero hits her head and asks if she plans to
always be, in a dead end like this. As they leave the other couple,
Yuuki knows that she has pulled back her hand when Kaname asked that
question of what she’ll do after capturing him. Zero tells her that
Kaname didn’t think of getting rid of him but rather, he only wants to
use the dominance of the pureblood to control him. After commenting that
the trap door is still active, Zero carries Yuuki ala princess carry
and says that they must first stop Kaname. Inside, after putting her
down, Zero and Yuuki see Yagari ordering the hunters to follow him
upstairs. Yagari is frustrated over Kaien’s lecture earlier. He had told
Kaien over the pain caused by the Purebloods who turned their loved
ones into vampires which includes his fiancee [the nurse who attacked
young Zero before, iirc]. He accuses Kaien of wanting to become kind
people so he is acting like one.

Then, Yagari sees Kaname who is suddenly with Seiren. Seiren is
holding the sword for him. Before Yagari can blast him away, Kaname is
already behind him and saying that he wants to use Yagari’s underlings
to activate those troublesome vampire traps. [Hehe, bang their heads on
the traps? ^^;] Yagari tries to shoot him again but Seiren already got
him by the neck and informs him that he will be up against her. Hearing
the noise outside, Sara says that Kaname is close so please protect her.
Then, Zero and Yuuki face Kaname. Meanwhile, Kaien partly admits what
Yagari told him but he still thinks that of course, a person with a
heart desires to chase after the sunlight. Kaien continues to give
orders to the hunters. Back to the trio, Kaname says that he knows that
the last one who’ll hinder him is her. After thinking of being in the
dark forest and in a dead end with no exit, Yuuki tells him that it
isn’t necessary to harm others and to be harmed by others, as well as
taking away lives, which includes Ruka and Zero. She thinks that Zero is
frozen ice-cold in the darkness and Kaname is going far away from her
so generally, he can’t twist her hair again. After giving herself a
haircut, Yuuki apologizes to Zero and says that she won’t do stupid
things again and isn’t their goal the same now. She asks permission from
Zero if it is alright for her to stay at his side now. Zero says that
it is okay to stay. Yuuki comments that is a weird way of saying it.
Zero says yes, he meant that he will deal with the aftermath of the
stuff she stupidly did, so if things isn’t turning out good, she can
help him. Yuuki mentally tells Zero that if the body is placed in
darkness, where it is frozen, perhaps one won’t feel a thing and if it
melts, the pain will come back. Even if that is so.. While she and Zero
run towards Kaname, Yuuki says that she’ll throw off the heavy load, for
if she was to think of what to do with him after she captures him, then
she’ll have no way of capturing him. Swinging Artemis, Yuuki shouts
that just like Ruka, she won’t be at a loss again. While seemingly
sprouting her butterfly wings, Yuuki thinks that even if like this, she
also believes that one day, [they] can get out of the dark forest. And,
the sunlight passing through the leaves will shine on the frozen body
and then– Next chapter will be on July 24!

Scans by玖玖爱枢♀汉化.

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