Has Michelle Keegan tweeted Corrie baby spoiler pic?

Much fuss on twitter yesterday after yet another Coronation Street cast member tweeted a picture they shouldn’t.  The other week Antony Cotton (Sean Tully) tweeted and then immediately deleted a picture of the Rovers Return with a For Sale sign up outside of it.

Well, we know what’s happening now.

And yesterday, Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) tweeted a picture of cast member Jack P Shepherd (David Platt). On the table between Michelle and Jack was a script with a scene they were maybe rehearsing..? showing the result of baby Platt’s DNA test.

But has Michelle blown the plot, or is it a hoax? Who knows?  Maybe Coronation Street will film two endings – one with Nick as the father and another with David as the daddy.

Anyway, whatever the picture might or might not tell us, it lead me to do some intense research last night (aka two minutes on Google).  I wanted to find out what would happen to a DNA test when the possible father could be one of two brothers. Basically, the information Google throws up is that tests would be inconclusive, both brothers would need to be tested and the mother would need to be tested to be certain of who was the daddy.

So maybe it’ll hinge on whether Kylie wants to know the truth and be tested?

But here’s the thing and believe you me, I’m no expert in genetics or DNA so this is purely a soap-opera guess.  As Nick and David are only half-brothers and have different dads, what if, even after tests on both brothers and on Kylie still prove inconclusive as to the baby’s real dad, the only way they can find out is by going further back in the gene pool… all the way to Gail.  And so the cliffhanger would start. Would Gail admit to a DNA test, if the whole who’s the daddy business depends on her agreeing to the test and admitting the results?

Or has my imagination gone into overdrive?  Any DNA experts out there want to give us the low down on what would really happen in such a situation?

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