I’m In Love With Patricia Manterola

Things have been a little too high brow around here lately. As much as I love Alicia, Sia and Queen B… I’m starting to have trash withdrawals. So I racked my brains to find the trashiest diva currently burning up my Ipod and it was hard to go past Mexico’s glorious Patricia Manterola. I’ve said it before but I swear Mexico is the Sweden of Latin America. That country churns out a seemingly endless supply of fabulous, upbeat pop tunes – mostly performed by busty ex-models/actresses with a penchant for wearing as little clothing as possible. In other words, it’s my spiritual homeland and I’m already planning my first pilgrimage. Patricia will undoubtedly by high on my list of trashtastic divas to stalk if “Ya Termine” is reflective of her high musical standards. I’ve been in love with this brilliant electro-pop anthem for weeks and it just gets catchier with each listen. The chorus is gold and I love the GaGa-lite production. However, the song’s biggest selling point is Patricia’s unparalleled fierceness and the porntastic video clip (below). Any video that begins with the singer rolling around in bed with a smokin’ hot shirtless man is fine by me, while Patricia’s stunning array of skimpy bikinis and corsets will make strippers cry with envy. Bow down to a true trash icon.

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