The Day I Left Fuji Ko (7/29/07)

I actually forgot to add these pictures! How is that possible yeah? Some of my students actually reminded and requested for me to post these so here they are! These are the last pictures taken the day I left Fuji High School. I remember that morning still as clear as yesterday…My San Nensei had to take a big test of some sort so I only had about an hour with them before they had to head off to the classrooms. The 1st and 2nd year students had club activities so they had a little more time to hang around. I’ll never forget that day…It was really sad but yet so full of JOY…My students, I miss you all so much…

Some of my San Nensei guys: Shuhei, Kenta, Masa, me, Ryo, Hidenori and Takehiro

Ni Nensei Girls V-Ball team players: Rina, Aki, Sayaka, Yukari, me Yuika, and Mai

Ni Nensei and Ichi Nensei Boys V-Ball team

The entire Girls V-Ball team with Sahara Sensei. The gave me a Volleyball signed with their messages and names. It was such an awesome gift to receive that morning.

Some of my San Nensei
Top Row from L to R: Naho, Ikuko, Shuhei, me, Yuka, and Kenta
Bottom Row: Ayane, Nami (Ni Nensei), and Misato

More San Nensei
Bottom: Narumi and Yuka
Standing: Kaho, Miku, me, Eri, Kaori, and Ayumi

Talking story with the guys…

The Girls V-Ball team presenting me their gift

My San Nensei Guys preparing for the pyramid

Bottom Row: Yusuke, Yuki, Iwama (Iwama! Iwama! Iwama!…), and Junpei
2nd Row: Naoya, Akito, and Kousuke
3rd Row: Yusuke and Kenta
Top: me

More San Nensei
Front Row: Rina, Kayo, me, and Sena
Back Row: Mai, Sachiko, Yukano, and Naho

San Nensei guys
Starting from the Left: Tatsuhiko, Kenta, Yusuke, Yusuke, Hirotoshi, Kenta, Shuhei, and me in the middle.

In front of the Kodou (Assembly Hall)
Front: Ayane, Misato, me, Naho and Mieko
Back: Yuka, Ikuko, Mina, Yoshie and Tomomi

Before I had to leave to go to Shin Fuji Eki, my students surprised me with a cheer. The Cheering Boys came out with the big drum and led the group of about a hundred students in a farewell cheer for me. It was awesome!!!

me with the Cheer Boys (Oendan)

San Nensei Group Photos

After this the San Nensei had to go to and take a big test

The other students had club activities or a free day to do whatevers. Here are some of my Ni Nensei girls before going to their club activities.
Megumi, Saori, Yuri, Nami, and Shiori

The Volleyball guys had some freetime beofre their practice, since the girls were first to use the gym. So they were outisde just hanging out. Akihiro and Kenta were playing some kind of Japanese game and O-chan…was just being O-chan.



The guys in their club room

Checking in at Shin Fuji Eki

The guys from English Club
Eisuke, Oji, Ryo, me, Yukihiro, Okapi, Tecchan, and Tensei

Yoshiharu, me, and Shosei

English Club Ichi Nensei
Moeko, Nami, Miho, me, Eri, Yumi, Maika, Ayano, and Haruna

Some other familiar faces came down to see me off at Shin Fuji. Kataoka Sensei drove me from Fuji Ko, after saying my goodbyes to the students who met me at the school, Nagisa (V-ball team) who graduated this past year was visiting Fuji for a few weeks and stopped by, and Goto Sensei was in town to visit so he also came down to the station. It was really good to see them again.

My 2nd year students at the station.
Madoka, Miki, Ayaka, Okapi, Erina, Tecchan, Yukihiro, Ryo, Tensei, and Oji

This was my view from my seat in the bus. As it started to roll down the street my students started to chase after the bus, crying, cheering, laughing, smiling, running as fast as they could, riding their bikes as fast as they could, and screaming at the top of their lungs waving their goodbyes…I couldn’t believe that moment was actually happening. Having to watch them fade in the distance from the window of the bus was probably one of the hardest things I had to do while I was there in Fuji, if not the hardest. I remember as the bus started to gain is speed to where it was impossible for someone on foot to keep up, one by one, they disappeared from my field of vision in the bus window. I pressed my face against the glass to catch every last moment until finally…I couldn’t see them anymore. There was only one other couple sitting on the bus with me a couple of rows behind, but I didn’t let that stop me from curling into a ball sobbing in my seat. I remember thinking in disbelief at how fast the day had come and that there really was no telling when I’d see my students again. I wanted so bad for the bus to turn around so I could be back there with my students. Then I remember the bus driver, a guy looking to be in his 50′s, looking up in the rear view mirror and I’ll never forget the words he said to me, in Japanese of course, “You are a teacher right?…I can tell you love your students and your students love you…I’ve never seen that before…It’s good that saying goodbye hurts that much” *sigh* I wasn’t expecting that but, yeah…it’s good that it does…

To all my students at Fuji Ko:
I miss you all so much…I’ve thought about all of you everyday since I returned to Hawaii, and often thinking to myself how all of you are doing. But I know that you are in good hands and that you are all doing your best. I believe in you as I always have and I look forward to that day we can all meet again. But until then remember that Good bye doesn’t mean “Good bye”. It just means see you later!

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