Elise Neal => Elise Neal In “My Manny”

Elise Neal will be starring in a brand new uncover called “My Manny” upon TBS. I’ve been wondering what she’s been up to. we haven’t seen her given which uncover with LisaRaye as well as Duane Martin…what a ruin was a name of which show? we dont think about sometimes. Anyway, “My Manny” is presented by Walmart as well as will be upon TBS, we believe, right after a “House Of Payne” (which is a singular of my a a single preferred shows upon TV right now). Here’s a short bio of what a uncover will be about below:

Jennifer is a singular mom of Jamel, an adorable, enterprising 7 year old. She functions tough as well as puts all of her appetite in to raising her son as well as expanding her catering business, withdrawal really small time or appetite to take caring of herself. Since her father upheld away, it’s been usually a dual of them, as well as Jennifer mostly uses nannies to assistance out with Jamel when her report gets as well hectic. When her unchanging nanny has to leave locale for a family emergency, Jennifer is astounded when a group sends Mike, a masculine nanny as well as a large a singular during that. The array starts upon Mike’s initial day of work as well as follows Jennifer as she gets used to carrying an additional male in her life. Over a march of twenty episodes, Jennifer starts to comprehend which Mike competence not usually be a undiluted nanny, he competence usually be a undiluted man.
(Bio pleasantness of TBS)

Check out a singular of a trailers to “My Manny” below:

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