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Yesterday – Sep 15th -my daughter Mandy posted the design to Facebook as well as someway or other, it didn’t have it to my Facebook until currently when we got the presentation which we had been tagged in the photo.
When we non-stop it, this is what we saw there!

In box we can’t figure out -due to the couple of difference which aren’t spelled correctly, let me “read” it for you.

It says,
Dear Lord, we magnify we to assistance my Grammy to be full of health as well as assistance her have the protected outing to Pittsburgh to get the exam done. So will we greatfully assistance her.  In Jesus name, Amen!

I am, theoretically, the cancer survivor -two times right divided -but in conjuction with those dual go-rounds, we do have to go continually for checkups as well as tests as well as such. In July, we was scheduled to have my unchanging check-up with the oncologist and, as partial of which routine, we had to have the CT indicate done.

That scan, however, showed the small changes which had assumingly been receiving place inside of my complement as well as as the outcome the oncologist here during the internal Cancer Clinic scheduled me to have the PET indicate then.

Well, loyal to form for me (what can go wrong, substantially will -Murphy’s Law, ya know) the PET indicate suggested not usually one, yet dual “hot spots” which meant afterwards which the oncologist longed for to have an additional exam finished -a needle biopsy, no less!

The initial -and final time -I had to have the needle biopsy, we had to go down to Pittsburgh to have it finished there as the internal sanatorium couldn’t do it here. This time, though, the alloy sensitive me which we could have the needle biopsy finished over during DuBois Hospital -which is usually about the 42 mile drive, one-way, instead of carrying to expostulate about 130 miles down to Pittsburgh to have the exam done.

So, fine -fine, which didn’t receptive to advice similar to the complaint to me yet small did we know how prolonged it was starting to take for the staff during Dubois Hospital to get around to scheduling me for this large event.

It incited out it took them 2 1/2 weeks of the helper during the Cancer Clinic job them each day to try to get an appointment for me usually to have them eventually discuss it the helper here which “Oh, we can’t do which here during Dubois since which biopsy would be as well low for us to perform it here so she will have to go to Pittsburgh!”


Thankfully yet the helper during the Cancer Clinic satisfied which the alloy we had 3 years ago in Pittsburgh when we had my final operation (a hysterectomy in which they detected we had uterine cancer) is the gynocological oncologist -just the unequivocally sort of physician/specialist we indispensable to see for this biopsy right divided as well as she contacted his bureau right divided so now, we have an appointment set up for Sep 27th (next Friday) with which alloy (Dr. Krivak) yet this will not be for the needle biopsy yet rsther than for the “first” revisit (again) with him usually with the brand new complaint to be dealt with then! After my check-up/examination by him then, it will be dynamic if we unequivocally do have to have the needle biopsy afterwards after all.

The usually obstacle to which aspect right divided is which the timing for removing things in place -in the eventuality which the cancer has started to metastisize right divided is which there will have been during slightest 4 weeks of profitable time which will have left down the tubes prior to they can all establish what is starting upon -and hopefully, what isn’t starting upon inside of my complement too, ya know!

So there we have it! I’m not worrying about either this is virulent or not since if it is, worrying about it will assistance positively nothing!

But if it is an additional malignancy, afterwards the longer it takes the doctors to have the decision, to set me up for some-more chemo again as well as all that, the some-more possibility the cancer has to get unequivocally comfy-cozy afterwards inside of my complement as well as confirm to entice some-more as well as some-more of the cancer’s family members to come as well as pile-up land inside of my system.

And that, does rsther than incite me, we will contend which most about this emanate here as well as now! we was of the suspicion which time was of the hint in diagnosis for this mildew yet assumingly it’s not as critical to the doctors as it was in my mind!

And so, to my great crony over in Merry Olde England -the poetic blogger, Maggie Mae, during Nuts in May -it looks similar to we as well as we have been both starting to turn obvious as dual aged ladies usually fighting divided to keep the Cancer from progressing the permanent chateau in the bodies, doesn’t it?

So, tonight, we leave we with the honeyed request my pleasing small granddaughter, Miss Maya, has supposing here for me. we do not consider improved difference could presumably be created yet her words, her thoughts, her request for me, do you?

Wish me fitness -Lord knows, we suspect we unequivocally need which as well as the couple of additional prayers -well, that’s something as well we really won’t refuse, won’t sneeze at, ya know!

Hopefully, I’ll be behind upon lane -getting chemo, starting bald again this winter right divided too!

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