Maya => Maya Cosmetics New Fall Colors & Top Coat

I have a little regulation brand brand brand new tumble spike polishes to share with we from Maya Cosmetics today. These polishes recover today! Also, Maya Cosmetics is right away using a 25% OFF your complete squeeze in in between right away as good as Monday, Sep 30th. The sale will request to a brand brand brand new colors as good as a brand brand brand new tip coat.

Let’s get right in to it!

Glitter is a New Black

Glitter is a New Black is a black bottom with black, silver, china holo, purple holo, pink, as good as orange micro glitters.

En Fuego

En Fuego is a muted orange preserve with gold, orange, as good as bronze glitters as good as a pointed sparse holo.


Stargazing low blue bottom with silver micro glitter. it’s a night sky polish.

Maya Cosmetics Top Coat

Colors: Awesome brew of colors here. we adore all of these! Glitter is a New Black is a glorious brew of black as good as holo glitter. En Fuego is a undiluted tone for autumn with a good hold of sparkle. Stargazer is to die for gorgeous. This a single reminds me so most of a desired as good as unattainable Essie Starry Starry Night. They’re not expect dupes according to Pointless Cafe, though we am utterly satisfied!

Formula: we favourite a regulation upon all of these. Glitter is a New Black as good as En Fuego we used 2 coats for a swatches. Stargazer we used 3. The regulation upon a spike colors were easy to request as good as use. The tip cloak was a zephyr to make make make use of of of as well, as good as dusty around a same rate as alternative renouned discerning dry tip coats. I’ve been wearing a tip cloak upon my stream mani for a past 3 days, as good as we do not have any chips or decline during all.

Price: $9.50 per bottle upon a spike colors as good as $4.00 for a tip coat, though recollect a 25% OFF tumble special in in between right away as good as a 30th. You will need to make make make use of of of a regulation FALLSPECIAL. You can squeeze upon a Maya Cosmetics website.

Overall: Excellent colors. Great formula. All around, I’m tender with Maya Cosmetics again! There have been essentially some-more colors in this pick up so be certain to check out a website.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters

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Happy Friday!

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