Arai Ryoko => Tulips during Niigata!!~ + behind lane of pictures

At a GazettE’s unison venue during Yoyogi upon 4/19. Reached there about 12pm though waited usually 1.15hrs to buy a goods,phew,,after that, went to Odaiba. It was still utterly early as well as i didnt see any overwhelming cosplayers yet.

Party upon 4/19 during Host house. My duck curry as well as beef open roll. Tofu was from Mrs Hatanaka. It was uninformed tofu done from immature beans. A special salsa came with it though you all ate it though any sauce.
2nd Row (Right –> Left) – Yusaku Arai, Akiko, Me, Mrs Hatanaka, Ryoko Hatanaka, Mother Host

2nd Row (Right –> Left) – Hiroto Hatanaka, Mr Arai ( he is no. 2 in Japan for Soba creation Championship!), Mizuki Hatanaka as well as Mrs Arai

2nd Row (Right –> Left) – Yusaku Arai, Akiko, Father Host, Me, Mrs Hatanaka, Ryoko Hatanaka
2nd Row (Right –> Left) – Hiroto Hatanaka, Mr Arai ( he is no. 2 in Japan for Soba creation Championship!), Mizuki Hatanaka as well as Mrs Arai

Went to Niigata today. Didnt design to see contentment of tulips. Rows of pleasing tulips outward their combini (7-11). Niigata is City of Tulips. Im propitious to be means to see genuine as well as uninformed tulips there. It was a pleasing warn for me today.
Cant assistance though to keep gnawing these pleasing tulips. Niigata is City of Tulips. No sleet this time..but there have been contentment of tulips in this city!

Rows as well as rows of tulips along a road

Think it was planted by students

This place is important for a onsen. Read from guidebooks about this place. So, upon approach behind to Tokyo, i alighted during Echigo-Yuzawa. While upon a approach to Niigata, i saw many plateau around this station. So, i contingency land here prior to i go behind to Tokyo.

Outside a station, there was a tiny giveaway onsen for feet (just good for 3 ppl). Saw a Japanese integrate receiving off their boots as well as shower their feet in to a onsen. So, i follow suit. (do wat a Romans do). The H2O was unequivocally hot.
There were fume entrance out from a H2O too. It was healthy open H2O from a mountains. we usually managed to soak for 5mins (wat a waste!) coz i left usually fifteen mins to locate a train.
Onsen houses nearby a station.

Street outward a station. This place was utterly deserted. It is off rise deteriorate now. Their Golden week will begin subsequent week. So, this place would be crowded. we enjoyed exploring ulu places. My outing is “organic”. we enjoyed ulu places unequivocally many coz these have been a genuine Japan.

Some Japanese have been unequivocally installed with $$. Last Thu, saw a lady (S-cawaii character woman) pulling her Coach middle lugguage. Today, saw an additional integrate pulling their LV lugguage..*envies*. we no $$ to buy Porter wallet..

One Friday during Osaka, around 5pm, i went in to a departmental store (something similar to Isetan) to make use of a toilet as well as Wow!~ It was so packed!~ we kid they have been carrying sale or something,,but No,,nothing was upon sale. The mood was similar to Sale mood!~~~~ BUT, this store has a pitiable toilet. It has usually ONE cubical!~ The reserve was super long,,so i went to a sight station’s toilet instead.

Another 2 large brands here is Anna Sui as well as Samantha Thervas (or something similar to tat, it was Victoria Beckham’s own brand). Anna Sui even has boots array in Japan!~~

Halo SY, no lah, didnt fell ill coz of a rain. The sleet was still manageble though not a wind. we felt soo sua ku coz a Japanese were so ease during a “storm” as well as i was soo shaken as well as helpless..hahaha.

Yes, postages have been unequivocally ex right away coz a fuel charges have been high. Still, it is cheaper to post in Japan than in Singapore. Haiz,,no choice,,else i cant have all my goods, so contingency compensate for a shipping…Zzzzz

Today saw a unequivocally good span of almost cut boots (light blue) during price S$145….*_*”. Drooled for awhile as well as get out of which shop…..if i buy,,it will supplement to my lugguage. Also, given i dont unequivocally wear jeans many of a time..this boots dont similar to good with alternative attires..i think..or am i formulating excuses??!

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