Arai Ryoko => Yumi Arai — Hikoki Gumo (ひこうき雲)

With all of a implausible concerts-turned-cultural practice as well as a sharp prolongation methods which Yumi Matsutoya(松任谷由実) has demonstrated over a past couple of decades, it’s infrequently great to go behind to a days of Yumi Arai(荒井由実). Until recently, “Hikoki Gumo”(Vapour Trails) was a beginning Yuming song which I’d ever heard, as well as we was astounded to listen to which it never got a own single, instead being a B-side upon her 2nd single, “Kitto Ieru”(きっと言える…I Can Tell You Straight), expelled in November 1973. It sole 3,000 copies, roughly 4 times as most as her really initial singular a prior year, “Henji wa Iranai”(返事はいらない….I Don’t Need An Answer).

It’s a singular of a some-more tenderhearted ballads which we have ever listened with Yuming initially sounding whispery-soft, roughly child-like, prior to her voice grows up as well as punches by a air in a refrain. Lyrically, she modeled “Hikoki Gumo” after a beforehand genocide of her friend. It might be a time of mourning, though a thespian additionally mentions which her crony is right away happy as well as a feeling in a tune hints which not all is dolour as well as which he/she is right away reaching for which blue sky.

The white mountain highway kept upon starting as distant as a sky
The shimmering feverishness mist envelops which child
No a singular notices, he is only by himself
That kid rises up
There is no fear, as well as afterwards he soars

Longing for a sky,
He runs for it
That child’s hold up is a effluvium trail

At which high window, which child, prior to he died
Also gazed during a sky, we do not know about now
I do not know about alternative people
I only consider he was as well young
But he’s happy

Longing for a sky,
He runs for it
That child’s hold up is a effluvium trail

Listening to this strain has mostly done me stop as well as get flattering introspective. With all of a every day devout detritus which builds up over time, it’s regularly great when a sold strain can assistance in removing absolved during slightest a little of which pile-up. Sometimes, I’ve suspicion which Yumi Matsutoya went overboard with a couple of of her albums as well as her concerts, as well as so I’ve mostly wondered if she needs to listen to a little of her earlier, easier work again.

That 2nd singular of hers might not have done most of a hole in a Oricon rankings, though it was enclosed upon her 1st album, additionally patrician “Hikoki Gumo”. It was expelled a couple of weeks after which second single, as well as nonetheless it took a couple of years, a word of Yumi Arai as a newly-crowned mama of this genre called New Music did get around to a rank and file so which a manuscript in a future got ranked No. 10 for 1976.

“Hikoki Gumo” has additionally not long ago been comparison to be a thesis strain for what is Hayao Miyazaki’s last feature-length movie in 2013, “Kaze Tachinu”(風立ちぬ….The Wind Rises).

courtesy of bugmancx
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