Eva Amurri => Twofer Twosday: Eva Amurri Has Her Momma’s Apples

Dioxyribonucleic acid… you’re some-more than only a cup.  You’re my….my friend.  There is a lot to be pronounced about DNA.  Those 3 small letters, when put together in which sequence can compromise murders.  They can brand frightened shitless fathers upon Maury Povich.  And D, N as well as A can be used to counterpart a dumbass sheep declared Dolly (still watchful upon a cloning routine to put Shakira’s donkey in each house).

Today, we contend appreciate we to DNA.  Specifically to Susan Sarandon’s DNA.  Because her DNA has brought onward a span of twins estimable of blank a morning’s coffee mangle to Bing “Eva Amurri strips.”  (Word to a wise… do not do this upon your work ‘puter… only sayin’)

Eva Amurri is a daughter of Sarandon.  And she has her mommy’s boobies!!!  Thank we DNA!  In box we do not remember, Sarandon was featured upon this really page only a year ago and in which time, her Twosday page has turn a 4th many noticed page in Shitz n Giggles history.  So it creates undiluted clarity to me to give we Eva.  Eva is all healthy as well as even hotter than her momma behind in her day.  AND, similar to her mother, she has not complaint starting nekkid for a cameras, as your progressing Bing poke proved.

What a flattering necklace!!!
The Sarandon’s Have A Monopoloy upon Mammaries
This competence be a PERFECT approach to wear spaghetti straps

 Eva wins points in my book by dancing during a bar with a chicky land a large donkey dildo!!

Electric slide????

I’ve regularly said… if your girls demeanour good in a sweater, we win!

Eva played a stripper in Californication.  Thank we Bing!
Tank tip exam is a winnah
We adore charcterised gif files upon this page.  This is from Eva’s Maxim shoot.  There’s a single from Californication which we competence wanna see.  But eighteen years aged or comparison only!!  She’s NEKKID! And given we stop only reduced of porn, we ain’t giving we a link.  Unless we take a time to corkscrew all a approach down….

Top Actress

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