Journey => Boots Made For The Entire Journey

Worn by Tiana French.

The year was 2003, we believe, as well as Tiana went with me to Denmark to chaperone 34 Brown School students upon the summer excursion of winds, Tuborg, friendships, as well as Danish Scrabble. In October, Tiana’s devise was to wed John, her beloved from college, though she indispensable the span of boots to go with her dress.

The angst about the undiluted boots was the theme which she as well as Ulla (RIP) discussed during length. I’m not certain how it happened or where they came from, though Tiana came behind to the Skirvogne (trailer) the single night as well as said, “I eventually found the shoes.”

This is my memory, however. There is substantially the improved story than I’m saying here.

Yesterday, Tiana posted the boots again. It’s her anniversary as well as her “Love” kicks are, once again, to applaud her attribute given then. Wow, has it unequivocally been 10 years? I’m perplexing to square the nonplus together, since we know my sister as well as her beloved during the time, Dave, went with me to the Kentucky wedding. Of course, Casey tied together Dave as well as they have dual boys of their own.

It all starts to blur.

Even so, I’m amatory the memories the sneakers ‘kicked off’ for me final night, together with all those which I’ve not been the partial of. Tiana as well as John right away have the son culminating out of those adore boots. Yes, Ulla, we go on to be an angel running the winding paths even if we have been longed for immensely. Alderdom beskytter ikke mod dårskab. We go on to be fools in the follies as well as this is beautiful.

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