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Hiya Peeps!

Who improved to unite a child plea than a extraordinary Kenny K Downloads.  Their male/masculine/boyish images have been only a best!

Here is a small some-more report upon a bent during a back of this company:

Digi as well as rubber stamps from KennyK have been a fun as well as irritable approach to supplement a undiluted sip of perspective as well as impression to all of your creations! 

The creator, a artist, a man: KennyK wielded a meant crayon during his infirm years in a Bronx, building his signature funky-but-slick, urban-influenced impression – as well as over a years has finished large assignments for most of a greatest ad agencies as well as corporate clients in a business. His work runs a progression from big-budget promotion campaigns as well as promotions, paper illustration, toy/game as well as product packaging, to voluptuous pinup babes, anime as well as retro impression designs, comic books, mechanism games, t-shirt as well as plaque designs as well as Flash existence – all which fun stuff! 

I’m ElenaK, a lady during a back of a man, as well as a delicate hold of we have been producing events for over 6 years in NYC as well as am an businessman as well as a crafter during heart!  Kenny as well as we had been acid for a undiluted collaborative plan to mix a particular ability sets given we got married; we have been right away creation it occur with and carrying a blast! 

They have been charity a leader a whopping 5 Digital images!!  Is which inexhaustible or what!!
Our thesis for this plea is:

Let’s see what a Design Team created:

Quick summation of a rules:

No Backlinking
You might mix as most alternative hurdles as we choose
No some-more than 3 entries
A approach couple to your post
Only paper crafts allowed
We haven a right to undo any entries which do not follow these rules 

Now it is your spin to daunt us with those extraordinary projects of yours!


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