Journey => Spending money

Last post was all about the miss of money, though given afterwards we’ve done dual impracticable purchases – the brand brand brand new cat as well as air fares.
We have been right away used to carrying dual cats.  Aisha asked to get the brand brand brand new the single during each opportunity, so the revisit to the SPCA saw us move home Sophie.  She’s been with us for the week, the small tub of the girl.  She sleeps with Aisha as well as plays with string, so Aisha is really happy.
I’ve been checking Grab the Seat to try as well as get poor tickets to Wellington.  This month we will outlay the day there, starting to see an art muster during Te Papa.  Flights as well as airfield transfers as well as entrance price $200, though we adore art so much.  I demeanour behind during the 6 years we outlayed in the UK in my twenties as well as there’s so many things we didn’t see.  So I’m perplexing not to over consider things though squeeze opportunities.  If we have to abandon my the single paid for lunch the week to save money, we will.  Perhaps I’ll take the packaged lunch to Wellington as well lol!
Two alternative losses entrance up, associated in the approach to Aidan’s autism.  One is the unstable DVD player.  At night we go to bed as well as watch episodes of Star Trek til we nap off.  It’s the approach of distracting myself from worrying about him, the future, what’s function during work etc.  the DVD player is failing upon me, so which will need replacing to keep my reason :) . And Aidan needs the brand brand brand new duvet.  He has the really skinny summer duvet, as well as the winter the single And an autumn one.  Aidan tosses as well as turns as well as burrows, as well as someway sheets as well as blankets get scrunched up as well as lost.  He only has the bottom piece as well as the duvet in the duvet cover.  If i make use of the summer duvet with the blanket, the sweeping gets tossed off, no make the difference how tough we tuck it in.  But his autumn duvet is for the European autumn we think, it’s flattering thick as well as hes starting to persperate as the nights get warmer.  So we need the light autumn open duvet.  I’m not certain many young kids have 4 duvets :)

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