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Maya => A Gift From Maya

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A Gift From Maya
Yesterday - Sep 15th -my daughter Mandy posted the design to Facebook as well as someway or other, it didn't have it to my Facebook until currently when we got the presentation which we had been tagged in the photo. When we non-stop it, this is what we saw there! In box we can't figure out -due to the couple of difference which aren't spelled correctly, let me "read" it for you. It says, Dear Lord, we magnify we to assistance my Grammy t...Read More

Maya => Meeting The Maya

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Meeting The Maya
Ever given withdrawal Peru as well as the abounding archaeological heritage the chronological stays upon indicate have been rsther than underwhelming. All which has altered right away which I've reached Honduras as well as El Salvador, whose horse opera edges symbol the easternmost boundary of the Mayan empire. Of the "Big 3" inland American civilisations (from north to south the Aztec, Maya as well as Inca) the Maya have been positively preemi...Read More

Maya => Review of Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks!!

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Review of Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks!!
Hello lovelies! we had a extraordinary payoff of removing to examination as good as examination Maya Banks' arriving novel, Highlander Most Wanted and let me discuss it you, we did a critical happy dance when my ask was approved. we freaking ADORE her highlander array (well, flattering many anything by Maya) as good as this was no different. Shall we get to a review? About a book: Publisher: Random House - Ballantine Books Expected ...Read More

Maya => What’s Maya been up to?

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What’s Maya been up to?
Maya is such a bustling girl! She's regularly gripping me upon my toes. Time severely flies right by right away which she's in my life. We have been so busy, it's loyal though, which you similar to it busy. you figure I'll rest when I'm dead. For right away you keep upon chugging along, creation strides as good as guidance so most along a way. What's Maya been up to? Maya loves dancing! you knew this from an early age, though right awa...Read More

Maya => Book News You Can Use 9/27/13

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Book News You Can Use 9/27/13
It's Banned Books Week! Read criminialized books as well as applaud the right to read! Relax in Paradise Kofi Awoonor, who was killed in the Nairobi militant attack.  Fellow producer Kwame Dawes gives the reverence in the Wall Street Journal. Relax in Paradise Alvaro Mutis Jaramillo. More headlines upon NoViolet Bulawayo, who is upon the reduced list for the Booker Prize. Looks similar to Kelly Clarkson won't get Jane Austen's ring. ...Read More

Maya => Angel Maya Gift Bag…

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Angel Maya Gift Bag…
  Morning all...Vicky here currently to share with we the Gift Bag regulating darling Angel Maya...which will be available this entrance Friday...     I have used the  Snowflake Trio Die...layered them as well as combined the little beautiful Whiff of Joy brads.. The tab was done regulating the relating Sentiment as well as the Banner Trio two die set..     I have phony darling Maya with th...Read More

Maya => Unruffled

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Leo, get ready to go please. Leo, it's time to get dressed. Leo, we done your eggs. After you're ready to go we can eat breakfast. That's my script, roughly each morning. In alternative news, isn't which a single of a many frustrating things about being a mom? The nagging. The feeling which no a single is listening to you. we swear we get sleepy of a receptive to advice of my own voice as well as we get upon my own nerves sometimes, so we ...Read More

Maya => Maya Cosmetics New Fall Colors & Top Coat

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Maya Cosmetics New Fall Colors & Top Coat
I have a little regulation brand brand brand new tumble spike polishes to share with we from Maya Cosmetics today. These polishes recover today! Also, Maya Cosmetics is right away using a 25% OFF your complete squeeze in in between right away as good as Monday, Sep 30th. The sale will request to a brand brand brand new colors as good as a brand brand brand new tip coat. Let's get right in to it! Glitter is a New Black Glitter is a New Blac...Read More

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